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Essential Protection for Valuables

Your possessions are worth a lot to you.  So when you rent an apartment or house, you need insurance that covers you and your belongings in case of an unfortunate event.

The essentials of quality protection Renters policy covers:

  • furniture
  • clothing
  • appliances
  • many other personal belongings
  • some of the improvements you've made to the rental unit
  • covered items you take while traveling
  • additional living expenses if you have to move out during repairs

Personal liability coverage provides protection if someone is accidentally injured while in your home, or their property damaged and the damage is caused by: you, your children or your pets, your personal activities, including most sports.

Your policy can also cover you:

  • for costs associated with the defending you in a lawsuit related to an injury or property damage
  • if you're held legally responsible for fire damage to your apartment
  • to the building where you live, or vacation property you rent
  • if your credit cards
  • ATM cards, or checks are stolen or used without your permission

Ways to reduce the cost of you insurance with a wide range of discounts if your home is equipped with:

  • antitheft devices
  • smoke detectors
  • fire alarms
  • deadbolt locks
  • sprinklers system
  • fire extinguishers


As an independent agency, Texas All 4 You Insurance Agency is bound by the laws governing insurance agents in Texas and the Code of Ethics of the professional association. This means that any insurance products we recommend will be the ones we deem to be best suited to meet your needs, without regard to the compensation practices of any one company.

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